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Introducing MyShield

These last months have been bizarre and surreal. Time has gone by both in slow motion and fast-forward all at once. At first, I was griped by feelings of helplessness and sadness watching the COVID-19 crisis unfolding in China & Italy. I kept my head down and stayed busy, determined to avoid the daily news. As the bad news seeped into my world, I could no longer avoid it so entirely.

In order to preserve my sanity, I turned to inventing. I wanted to, I had to do something to help. The moment of realization came to me one eveningface shields! I immediately challenged my team to invent the best face shield for the everyday person. I knew we could manufacture a great shield using our equipment, materials and know how.

Several months later, I am very pleased to announce that TODAY, available for order, is the versatile, comfortable Powis⁠—MyShield!

~Kevin Parker
Written May 11, 2020


ViewR 2.0 - Various

Powis VR

The Powis Virtual Reality Viewer is Google Certified, combines recyclable materials with a premium user experience and is easily customized for your company branding needs. We are excited to be part of this emerging market. 


About Powis Inc

Powis has dedicated 30+ years to bringing beautiful, intuitive binding solutions to market. The Fastback line radically simplified document binding, perfect binding and book binding without sacrificing quality or speed. We at Powis are committed to delighted customers and exemplary products.

Powis is the brainchild of founder Kevin Parker, a true inventor at heart. He began bookbinding at the age of twelve upon discovering an antique cast-iron bookbinding press in the basement of his parents’ house. While attending high school, Kevin handcrafted and bound portfolios for artists who worked with Crown Point Press. These early experiences taught him a deep appreciation for authentic relationships and quality presentation. He officially launched Powis Parker in 1983, while attending the University of California at Berkeley.