What's the difference between Fog-Free, Cushion Top and 3-in-1?

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When you are choosing MyShield, it can be tricky to know which configuration best works for you. 

MyShield 3-in-1 can be worn three ways including around the neck if you'd prefer a face shield that doesn't touch your face at all. The other two ways to wear MyShield is Fog-Free and Cushion Top. Yup, that's right...you can try all three configurations with 3-in-1.

MyShield Cushion Top is most similar to standard market face shields, though is designed for comfort. The strap is lined with a soft fabric, and connects with velcro so there is no squeezing or pinching. Plus all parts detach to make cleaning easy (which is unusual for a face shield). You can also easily convert Cushion Top into Fog-Free...which can be nice if things start to fog up and convert back. Cushion Top is design to be versatile and comfortable.

MyShield Fog-Free is the simplest design of the models, using the fabric lined strap and shield for protection. Fog-Free is great for people who wear glasses and need as much vertical air flow was possible.

PPE for dining and air travel

Eating and drinking during these times is pretty tricky. Thankfully you can configure MyShield to provide some protection for your face and eyes. 

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